Witness PURR-tection Program

Helping cats stay undercover for years!

The Witness PURR-tection Program (Barn Cats) is a way for you to save the lives of feral cats since the City of Rowlett does not adopt out feral cats.

We deliver the cats to the barn along with a crate set up including a litter box, blanket, water bowls, and a travel crate for them to hide in. 2 crates are zip locked together ( 72 x 24″). Each set of cats will get their own crate set up. The cats stay in the crates for 2 weeks. That’s about how long it takes for the cats to realize this is now their home. After 2 weeks you open the crate door and let them explore. Keep putting their food and water in the open crate but cut the amount to about 1/2 of what you were giving them. This will encourage them to mouse. We will pick up the crate set up 1 month after delivery.
This is a free program. You are responsible for a safe place for the cats to stay, litter, and food.  Please fill out the form if you are interested in adopting/rescuing a cat to live in your barn.  You can also email us with the information requested at info@friendsofrowlettanimals.org.

Barn Cat Request Form

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