Pet Medical Information

Help your pet stay healthy

Below are resources for the public that are not affiliated with FRAs.  They can help you with many things, and there are other groups that are not listed here that can help as well.  The organizations listed below are just a few of the many available.


Pet Medical Assistance

Animal Friends Rescue Project

Brown Dog Foundation

In Memory of Magic

Red Rover

Sponsor Adoptions, Inc

The Pet Fund


Pet Dental Care

Our Dental Care

If any of the signs below become relevant to your dog, bring him or her to seek dental care immediately:

  • Swollen, red, bleeding, or painful looking gums
  • Recent bursts of or full-fledged depression
  • Pawing at the facial or mouth area
  • Bad breath that is not mistaken with “kibble breath” or from eating anything that may cause it
  • A change, no matter how small, in the chewing and/or eating habits
  • Missing or misaligned teeth
  • Discoloration, breakage, or crooked teeth that may cause issues with proper chewing
  • Excessive drool
  • Growths or bumps within the mouth or surrounding facial area
  • Brownish yellow tartar crust within or along the dog’s gum line

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